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Today was rough.

Lack of sleep due to the little man being sick has really gotten to me.che stayed home from preschool and just had an attitude the entire day.

It’s hard to e mad t a sick child, but there Is a point where I just couldn’t take it anymore.
His dad worked till almost 730 pm, which seems appropriate when I need to be rescued from the drama. And he comes home all grumpy. So it only makes matters worse.

Going on a rant here:
Our son will be four in December, and I don’t think his dad has taken a temperature, given any med, woken up into night to tend to his feverish child. There is so much to be thankful for, but these little things matter to me. I wake up sometimes three four times an hour when he is sick, checking his temp, moving him so he can breathe better, putting the cold washcloth back on his head, and then his dad gets up once to tell me that he’s ‘shaking’. Yes, I know. He’s fighting a fever. And then gets up again to tell me he thinks he needs medicine. Ugghhhhhh..Do it yourself. Why make us both sleep deprived? He works hard, I know, but I have been stuck at home since Saturday, cooped up into house because I have to be the one to tend to him. It just bothers me.

He wonders why I have a short temper at 830, when I’ve been dealing with a sick kid all day. He wouldn’t last an hour.

Sorry for typos, writing fast on my mobile!

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