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LPN graduation is this coming wednesday and guess who is a student speaker?? 


agghh……i don’t know what to say. i consider myself to be a good talker, it’s something that i love to do. but the pressure of giving a graduation speech is crazy. 

there are a few things i know i want to say…
i want to thank my mom and day for their sacrifices in order to put me through nursing school, and their love and support my entire life.
i want to thank my mom for watching my son for all these years, in order allow us to not pay for child care. she put up with temper tantrums and arguments galore.
i want to thank my sister, for always being there as emotional support and encouraging me to continue on, and always being there when i needed a back up sitter for my son.
my brother, for always being my voice of reason, even when i didn’t want to hear it.
my brother, for sticking up for me and always coming through when i needed help. 
my FUTURE mother and father in law for always being there to offer their support and especially cooking us meals when school got really tough… and after all the stress of summer session, i could use some enchiladas right now ;)
My fiance, we’ve been together for just about 8 years and i don’t think he’s seen me stress as much as i have in the last year and i want to thank him for his support and understanding. 
last but not least, my baby boy. for putting up with all the get up and go, long hours of mommy studying and missing out on some fun adventures. 

so far…that’s all i’ve got. it’s a start though. and i’m going to have to refine it just a bit. that will be tough to actually speak out loud. i am going to be a mess! hahahahaah

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