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so much

it’s been so long since i have had the time to write.

summer session for nursing school started and it has taken over my life. my clinical group was working the night shifts, so the weeks have passed by in a blur. i have two more weeks until i can officially call myself an LPN. school is so much stress, but the patients make it all worth it.

i hope that i can pull it together to pass my exam to get into the second year of the program. i am going to be devastated if i don’t make it. i will have let so many people down. 

something i haven’t been able to write about it i have lost seventeen pounds!!!!!!! my grandmother offered to buy me a couple months of nutrisystem, and my parents have bought me a month too! i have completed two rounds and just started my third round this past week. it’s been tough. i can’t say i haven’t cheated, but the program really works. it’s what i needed to get my confidence back! i feel great!!! my goal is to loose thirty pounds, which will being be back to pre baby weight by five pounds. when my baby daddy and i met, i was no more than 110#, but i think i was too skinny then. I am going to be happy at around 125, sooooo happy!!!

baby boy starts preschool soon! i am so happy for him. the only part of preschool that scares me is the cost! holy crap are we in for it!!! we already live on such a tight budget, i hope that we can make this happen!!

my twenty-sixth birthday is this week. i can’t believe it. i swear i still believe that i am twenty one. i wonder where the last four years have gone, but the stress of being pregnant, starting the journey towards nursing school and getting to this point has been the craziest times in my life!

time moves on 

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